Where were you at 8:29 am on 11/30? I was driving and I felt like all my wheels were coming off my car. This is a big Tropical IPA with fruity, hop-derived flavors of mango and apricot and a touch … Read More

Hope’s Pick-Me-Up

As I was brewing this on our re-vamped pilot system, Hope called and I told her what I was up to. She was having a rough day and said, “You can call it Hope’s Pick-Me-Up”. So here we are. This … Read More

Hoppy New Year!

January brings us a new year and our first 1st Tap of the year. This beer kind of falls in between styles as well. A nice malty body with notes of caramel, sweetness, and a bit of roastiness are balanced … Read More

Puckered Pumpkin

If you like sour, then this is one for you to try…and it’s oh-so-sour! Puckered Pumpkin is a light bodied kettle soured ale with notes of chocolate and roast maltiness, that finishes off with pumpkin. But let’s be real about … Read More

Gandalf the Gold

With the Riders of Rohan assembled and the beacons of Gondor ablaze you will need beer for any unexpected journey. We gathered Middle Earth’s premium malts and combined them with a fellowship of the Shire’s Finest hops (New Zealand, anyways) … Read More

Scared Kiltless

It’s really not scary, actually it’s quite pleasant. A nice malty body with notes of caramel and hints of smoke from our in house smoked malt makes for a flavorful pint. If it ain’t Scottish…..it’s #$@&%!

Newton’s Tripel

Our latest Tripel pours a light orange color with excellent lacing. Notes of honey, lime and passionfruit delight the senses as you enjoy your pint. The Tripel doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Easy Tiger

Freezing temps… Check. First snow… Check. Cars in ditches… Check. Must be Novemeber! In honor of the changing season, we brewed you this nice, malt-forward pale ale which finishes clean with notes of Lemon and Lime. Enjoy!

Hop Gun

Hop Gun is a pleasant, medium bodied IPA that offers clean bitterness and finishes with a nice dose of fruity and slight floral hop notes. It’s very well balanced and goes down easy. Maverick and Iceman approved

Juice Almighty

There once was a beer named pale ale. It had fun hops but not to IPA scale. Now it has divisions and recent revisions to highlight every important detail. The Almighty is not super bitter but has juicy hop smell … Read More

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