Heaven Cent

When it comes to old school hops, Centennial is one of the belles of the ball!  To stick to the IPA’s Golden Rule, we added our whole haul. Lemony and floral as a rule following hop protocol; this single hop … Read More

Dual Citizenship

Before the craft revolution, there were two types of beer, simple ales and lagers with strict guidelines to adhere.  With the rise of craft as the new frontier, we are free to combine styles and be quite a bit more … Read More

Catch the Vapors

Catch the Vapors is a steam beer sometimes referred to as a California Common.  It’s fermented at an ale temperature with lager yeast which creates clean and crisp characteristics but also offers some flavors you would get from warmer fermented … Read More

Joan of Dark

In our never-ending quest to be clever and keen, we’ve brewed up some zest that is far from routine.  As the name would suggest, it is dark but not obscene, with many rich malts to arrest all the flavors between. … Read More

Queen P(ale)

Queen P is a fairly light bodied, single hopped pale ale.  She’s a little bit malty with just a hint of caramel and finishes with a pleasantly balanced hop bouquet.  This is a good middle of the road selection. To … Read More


Being perhaps the heaviest of beer styles, our barleywine offers a ton of maltiness and a hefty dose of hops to help balance it out.  With a body on the heavier side, it’s loaded with flavors of sweet caramel, roastiness, … Read More

Citras Grove

Hard to believe Citra as a hop is only twelve years old, not even old enough to drive, yet considered green gold. Hitting all the perfect citrus notes with nothing to withhold; grapefruit, lemon and lime are all fully enrolled. … Read More


We infused an amber with cherry for a little more glam! Rich malty flavor comes forth at the 1st incantation with hops in the middle to increase the libation & sweet cherry comes later to enforce the foundation!

Passiflora Pale

We begin this delightful creation with the soft malt bill from our ever-popular Moonflower ESB. Next we hopped it with both Nugget and the fruit-forward Zythos hops. Lastly, we mixed in a healthy dose of Passionfruit Puree. The result is … Read More

Busy Bean Brown

Are you seeking advice about what to put on ice for holiday cheer? For fair market price we can offer a tasty splice of coffee and beer. To be more precise, this smooth coffee brown is sure to entice all … Read More

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