This year’s Fabrewlous is a classic hefeweizen.  Fruity yeast flavors dominate the palate and a little wheat tartness balances this thirst-quenching beer in every sip.

Blondes Have More Fun

Brewed for summer, this blonde ale is easy drinking and refreshing. This ale offers a light body with just a hint of malt and low bitterness but enough hop flavor to balance it all out. It’s certainly more fun with … Read More

From Husk ‘Til Dawn

Summer is here and the time is right for drinking something sweet with a little bit of a bite.  A light golden ale all malty and fresh with just enough coconut to make the two flavors mesh. Whether it be … Read More

The Shandy Man

Who can take a lager beer (who can take a lager beer), Sprinkle it with fruit (sprinkle it with fruit), The Shandy Man Can ‘cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good (makes the world taste … Read More

Peached Pale

Peached Pale is a light-bodied pale that is infused with peach. It has moderate fruity hop character that melds well with the peaches. The peaches also offer a bit of sweetness to help balance a slight dry finish. Very refreshing!

Hopocalypse Now

Hopocalypse Now is a lighter-bodied IPA that is bright in color and topped with a nice white head. It has a wonderful fruity bouquet in both aroma and flavor ranging with notes of pineapple to citrus and most everything in … Read More


What is a BarleySake, you say? It’s a beer brewed with barley and fermented with sake yeast. One of the things that makes sake so pleasurable is the wide range of flavors the various sake yeast imparts. In this case, … Read More


Pythagoras was known for his philosophy and mathematics, among other things.  He did give us the Pythagorean theorem which involves triangles, hence the tripel!  Did he philosophise about beer? We don’t know the answer to that but we can tell … Read More

Matte Stout

No foolin’! Here we have an American-style stout brewed with two different additions of cocoa — hence double chocolate. It goes down easy with a bit of citrus notes from the Simcoe hops.  The chocolate steals the show, though. It’s … Read More

Van Damme

We are very happy to offer you this beautiful, light amber-colored and incredibly tasty Belgian strong ale. Layers of flavors are awaiting you in both aroma and taste. The Belgian yeast is certainly the star of this show as it … Read More

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