I Am Brut

My-my-my Brut it hits me so hard, makes me say Oh My Lawd! What a low gravity with a taste so dry it’s no deceit. Hops up, grains down a super-dope jewel for your crown. Here in the clutch, because … Read More

Uptown Brown

To those who crave a brown ale, we’re here for you.  Sweet and malty in the details and a touch of bitterness in every brew.


This year’s Oktoberfest falls somewhere in between the darker, richer American versions of the style and the paler German style which is currently served in the big tents in Munich and beyond.  Light copper in color and a nice malty … Read More

Hoppy Lite

For lite beers, the general rule of thumb is 100 calories per can (12 oz.).  Hoppy Lite comes in at 106, so not far off, BUT it’s got FLAVOR! GASP! Nugget hops give it a quenching bitterness.  Simcoe hops provide … Read More

Stanton & Skerik’s Emerald Quintet

Brewed in collaboration with Anchorage Brewing Company, this Hazy IPA is brewed with a “quintet” of juicy hops: tons of Galaxy, Motueka, Mosaic, Citra, and Nelson Sauvin! Lots of malted oats were used for a silky smooth body.

Cool Hand Cuke

Brewed with cold-pressed, locally sourced cucumbers from Glacier Valley Farms, Cool Hand Cuke is our second collaboration with Beach Tribe Soda Works.  Simultaneously intense and subtle, the cucumber adds an interesting and refreshing twist to an already refreshing style. It’s … Read More

Zest Fest

Zest Fest is a pleasantly refreshing pale ale.  A light and bright body is balanced well with Denali and Zythos hops that add delicious citrus notes.  It’s then finished with a healthy dose of orange peel which just adds to … Read More

Hop Shot

Even a little on the bigger side, Hop Shot is not heavy body-wise but it does pack a decent hop punch. It has a beautiful, bright amber hue and its hop flavor hints of fruitiness which rounds out with resinous, … Read More


This yummy Brut IPA is as delicious as it sounds!  The Motueka hops provide a distinct lemon-lime character that’s so refreshing on these HOT summer days!

Trockener Weizen

A Kristallweizen is the filtered cousin of a Hefeweizen. This one comes with a twist. We added the drying enzyme that is making Brut IPA’s popular these days. Crisp. Fruity. Bubbly. Refreshing!

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