Triple Divide

In Belgium, Tripels are as ubiquitous as IPAs are in the US.  Nearly every brewery makes one and every bar serves one.  Tripel Divide, named after a unique peak in Montana, is an elegant beer for a more civilized age. … Read More

Midton Abbey

This malt-forward Belgian Dubbel features the unique Vanguard hop and its cousin, the German Herbrucker.  Together they lay a delicate aroma of Orange and Tobacco.  Why go Downton?

Red 5

Can’t shake the winter? We’re going into spring full throttle with this malt-forward Red Ale. Ruby red blasts fill your glass as you’re transported to another galaxy with this special offering. Ready for another? Red Five, standing by…    

Mr. Blonde

Spring is in the air! Well sort of I guess. Needless to say, we’re brewing like it is. Mr. Blonde offers an easy drinking refreshing sip that finishes with a slight but pleasant fruity hoppiness. Mr. Blonde is well balanced … Read More

Supermoon Wit

On November 14th, the moon will be closer to Earth that it has been since 1948 or will be until 2034. We brewed a witbier to mark the occasion. This beer is crisp and refreshing. The tropical Motueka hops balance … Read More

Got Stout?

8 varieties of malts, 3 varieties of hops and milk make up this smooth and delightfully drinkable stout.

The Trouble with Tripels

With a clever name you can clearly see, multiplication by a factor of three. Orange peel, coriander and grains galore! A final kiss of Belgian yeast will have you back for four!

Smokin’ Willie Porter

We started with our Prince William Porter, cold smoked grain over pecan and cherry wood, and added a dash of Victory malt for toastiness. The result: our award winning smoked Porter.

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