Revelation IPA

May’s 1st Tap is named after the Revelation Mountains, a rugged subrange of the western Alaska Range. Light orange in color with a fine haze, which is all the rage these days on the East Coast. Tropical pineapple and lilac … Read More

Hoppily Ever After

Every happy ending has a beer involved, right? Not really, but maybe it should. Hopefully you’ll be happy when you try a Hoppily Ever After. This IPA has a light to medium body that gives way to a slightly intense … Read More


May is a great time for a nice, crisp, full-bodied lager! Take a breather from all those IPAs we’ve been making and sit down and relax. This German style lager is an easy drinker with plenty of flavor. Fermented cold … Read More

Lemon Dank

Lemon Dank,  given it’s name by hop descriptors.  Lemondrop and Sorachi Ace hops give it it’s lemon character while Apollo and Exp. 07270 hops give it it’s dankness.  All in all this is a nicely flavored big IPA with enough … Read More

Double Railway

Legend has it that in the days of yore, there was a place the locals called Railway. Many great things were done at this Railway. Few records remain, however through some forsight and clairvoyance, I have managed to conjure up … Read More

Moonflower ESB

A clean full-bodied beer, our ESB is a pale straw color with a spicy aroma and citrusy character. It is hop-forward, but balanced by a mellow, malty body.


German for “double”, Dopplebock is one of the bigger beers of the bock family.  It’s often described as “a meal in a glass” because of the big body it boasts.  Our Doppelbock has a nice, deep amber color and a … Read More

Tis the Saison

Follow us in merry measure while we tell of Yuletide treasure!  Dark, sweet malts for all to pleasure while you sit and sip in leisure.  Drink we joyous all together, heedless of the wind and weather.  Deck your halls in … Read More

Pearl Street Lager

Pearl Street, the Mecca of rice.  We decided to make some beer with it, why not.  The results are a very easy drinking, light bodied lager.  And don’t be fooled by the color because as we already mentioned this is … Read More

Jagged Little Pils

Take an old album made around ninety-eight, remove just one letter to seal a beer name’s fate.  It’s a complex hop bill, made of just one strain.  A clean malty ride down new memory lane.  Isn’t it iconic, don’t ya’ … Read More

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