Pawpaw Pale

Looking for a refreshing pale ale? Look no further! Pawpaw Pale features pureed papaya that melds very well with the stone fruit characteristics of the hops. A great beer for the sunshine!


Roses are red, pilsners are yellow, one hundred percent Amarillo makes this deliciously mellow!


Motueka (mow-chew-eka) hops from New Zealand are the star of this show!  A firm malt backbone sets the stage for this resinous hop with lively flavors that range from lemon/lime to apricot and melon.

ZZ Hop

Zythos is a word that’s ancient Greek for beer. The hop naming wizards must have been saving that one until just last year. A descendant of all the juicy hops you have come to enjoy, this beer utilizes just one … Read More


Summer days deserve a summer beer.  GoldenEye fills that need nicely.  It has a nice light body without sacrificing flavor and finishes with a note of hop goodness.  We prefer our beer not shaken nor stirred, just cold and delicious.

Agua Fuego

Gone are our long nights and short days.  It’s time then for lighter and crisper beers to take over.  Agua Fuego is our tribute to the classic Mexican lager which all Alaskans enjoy whether they’re on a boat, on a … Read More

Hive-mind Tripel

We took 180 pounds of honey and put it in this beer! Our Hive-mind Tripel offers a very pleasant honey sweetness that melds perfectly with the fruitiness of its hops. It’s almost gummy bear like and who doesn’t like gummy … Read More

Giant Pacific Red

The third in our deep sea IPA series, Giant Pacific Red takes its name from the world’s largest octopus species which is found in Alaska’s coastal waters.  This beer pours a dark amber with a pale sheen.  Its bitterness is … Read More

Midtown Brown

Like a bear waking from her winter slumber, the old classic Midtown Brown is back for another season. Clean and crisp with a ruby hue. Why go downtown?

McNeil River Brown

Fifty years ago, McNeil River State Game Sanctuary on the Alaska Peninsula was established to protect the world’s largest congregation of brown bears gathering to feed on spawning Pacific salmon during the summer months.  This brown ale is a full-bodied, … Read More

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