Mr. White

Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, and here comes Mr. White.  Mr. White is a light bodied Belgian white ale that is lightly hopped and subtly spiced with orange peel and coriander.  Mr. White may be a good diamond thief but, man, … Read More

Another IPA

As summer winds down, we thought it a perfect time to brew Another IPA. A strong malt backbone yeilds to a lively lemon/tangerine hop presence. It’s always a good time for Another IPA!

Hoppin’ Rails

Big flavors, incredible aromatics, and looks beautiful in a pint glass, Hoppin Rails offers it all! This IPA is finishes very clean with no lingering bitterness and the nose on this is amazing! Hop on!

Golden (Dih-lish-uh-s)

A nice, well-balanced Golden Ale with summery notes of melon and orange. It’s subtle lingering bitterness is delightful and thirst-quenching. Maybe we’ve got a couple more days of summer left?

It Takes Two to Mango

In a realm where hops are the King and fruit is the Queen, this beer celebrates the true unity of all in between. Mango Puree and Calypso hops dance on the tongue, while German Huell Melon rounds out what’s among. … Read More

Tormund’s Red

A little malty, somewhat hoppy and well….red! Tormund delivers a delicious, well balanced and beautifully hued beer. Get in on this now because, ‘winter is coming’!

The Passion of the Fruit

In these hectic times when retrograde’s rising and waxing moons are waning; the sun won’t come out and it just won’t stop raining. Remember to find the little things that are sweet, like this passion fruit wheat, to help aid … Read More

Tripel for the Cycle

This beer gets on base as a clean, easy-drinking Tripel with robust malt backbone. It rounds Second with tangarine notes from Mandarina Bavaria Hops. It stands up with a white-wine finish from the hop variety Hallertau Blanc. Home-Run!

Resting Bitter Face

If bitter’s your game, then this beer’s for you. Not built to maim, but to keep the hop true. Upon first taste your face will give a clue, but you’ll cry: “More, posthaste! That’s gotta be 100 IBU!”

Pale Ryder

A crisp Pale Ale with two of our favorite hop varieties; Equinox and Lemondrop. As the name implies, Lemondrop offers a nice lemon-citrus character. This is balanced by Equinox’s lime and melon/papaya notes. This is a beer to be enjoyed … Read More

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