Primary sour? A primary sour is a beer fermented with a yeast that produces lactic acid (sour) in addition to ethanol (alcohol). You might say it’s an Unconventional brewers’ yeast. Unconventional is a new take on the long-standing Oud Bruin … Read More

Huell & Oats

What you want, we’ve got, but it might be hard to handle, so many hops it might just cause a scandal!  Well, well you. What we’ve gots an ale with all Huell Melon, so many Oats that you’ll be yellin’! … Read More

Golden Opportunity

Ahh, springtime . . . it’s a wonderful thing.  The snow is more or less gone, everything is turning green, and the temperature is rising.   How about a nice springtime-feeling beer as well? We’ve got you covered with this delicious … Read More

Springtime Tripel

Let’s get this party started! Sping is here, sort of. Summer is just around the corner. Springtime Tripel is a beer suitable for both seasons. Medium-bodied and light orange ing color, this Tripel was brewed with Lemon Chamomile Tea to … Read More

Hoppy Daze

IPAs are all the rage these days so here’s a new one for you! Hoppy Daze is a medium bodied IPA that has a pleasant aroma and drinks easy. It’s finishes with a bouquet of delicious fruity hops. Hoppy Daze … Read More

Smokin’ Willie

We started with our Prince William Porter recipe, cold smoked some grain over cherry wood, added a dash of Victoria malt for toastiness and ended up with our award winning smoked porter.


Motueka (mow-chew-eka) hops from New Zealand are the star of this show!  A firm malt backbone sets the stage for this resinous hop with lively flavors that range from lemon/lime to apricot and melon.

ZZ Hop

Zythos is a word that’s ancient Greek for beer. The hop naming wizards must have been saving that one until just last year. A descendant of all the juicy hops you have come to enjoy, this beer utilizes just one … Read More

Lemon Dank

Lemon Dank,  given it’s name by hop descriptors.  Lemondrop and Sorachi Ace hops give it it’s lemon character while Apollo and Exp. 07270 hops give it it’s dankness.  All in all this is a nicely flavored big IPA with enough … Read More

Double Railway

Legend has it that in the days of yore, there was a place the locals called Railway. Many great things were done at this Railway. Few records remain, however through some forsight and clairvoyance, I have managed to conjure up … Read More

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