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Pale Ryder

SRM 11

IBU 55

ABV 6.0%

A crisp Pale Ale with two of our favorite hop varieties; Equinox and Lemondrop. As the name implies, Lemondrop offers a nice lemon-citrus character. This is balanced by Equinox’s lime and melon/papaya notes. This is a beer to be enjoyed rain or shine (August)!

Pawpaw Pale


IBU 24

ABV 5.2%

Looking for a refreshing pale ale? Look no further! Pawpaw Pale features pureed papaya that melds very well with the stone fruit characteristics of the hops. A great beer for the sunshine!



IBU 24

ABV 5.5%

Roses are red, pilsners are yellow, one hundred percent Amarillo makes this deliciously mellow!



IBU 80

ABV 7.5%

Motueka (mow-chew-eka) hops from New Zealand are the star of this show!  A firm malt backbone sets the stage for this resinous hop with lively flavors that range from lemon/lime to apricot and melon.

ZZ Hop


IBU 71

ABV 7.4

Zythos is a word that’s ancient Greek for beer. The hop naming wizards must have been saving that one until just last year. A descendant of all the juicy hops you have come to enjoy, this beer utilizes just one for all the flavors to be mightier than Troy!

Mr. Orange


IBU 24

ABV 6.2%

The second installment of our character series brings you Mr. Orange. Mr. Orange is a lighter bodied pale ale that balances well with its citrusy hops and finishes with wonderful orange goodness. There’s nothing undercover about this Mr. Orange!

Mosaic IPA


IBU 76

ABV 7.8%

Creating a beer is like creating a work of art and Mosaic IPA is no exception. With an incredible aromatic nose and delicious fruity hop notes Mosaic delivers everything you want in a big IPA. Sit back, relax with a pint and pay homage to artisans everywhere.



IBU 22

ABV 5.1%

Summer days deserve a summer beer.  GoldenEye fills that need nicely.  It has a nice light body without sacrificing flavor and finishes with a note of hop goodness.  We prefer our beer not shaken nor stirred, just cold and delicious.

Agua Fuego

SRM 15

IBU ~28

ABV 5.6%

Gone are our long nights and short days.  It’s time then for lighter and crisper beers to take over.  Agua Fuego is our tribute to the classic Mexican lager which all Alaskans enjoy whether they’re on a boat, on a trail, or on a beach.  Welcome Summer!  Stay awhile.

Hive-mind Tripel

SRM 12

IBU ~21

ABV 9.5%

We took 180 pounds of honey and put it in this beer! Our Hive-mind Tripel offers a very pleasant honey sweetness that melds perfectly with the fruitiness of its hops. It’s almost gummy bear like and who doesn’t like gummy bears? Our notion is that this beer is delicious!

Giant Pacific Red

SRM 22

IBU ~73

ABV 7.1%

The third in our deep sea IPA series, Giant Pacific Red takes its name from the world’s largest octopus species which is found in Alaska’s coastal waters.  This beer pours a dark amber with a pale sheen.  Its bitterness is moderate with a tropical aroma and hints of blackberry and pine.  Happy National Cephalopod Week!

Midtown Brown

SRM 35

IBU 17

ABV 6.0%

Like a bear waking from her winter slumber, the old classic Midtown Brown is back for another season.Clean and crisp with a ruby hue. Why go downtown?



IBU 27

ABV 6.1%

This year's Fabrewlous is a Belgian Style Saison brewed with a classic Trappist yeast. Light orange in color with a thick white foam. Clove and banana esters dominate the flavor profile. A perfect beer for the summer sun! The font used here was created by Fontself in partnership with NewFest and NYC Pride to honor Gilbert Baker, the creator of the iconic Rainbow Flag, who passed away this March.

Rock Paper Citras


IBU ~45

ABV 6.1%

Crave Summer citrus? Single hop Citra Pale Ale. Best to bet on hops! (Haiku)

YellowEye P.A


IBU 74

ABV 7.9%

Living to an age of sometimes over 120 years old, the YellowEye rockfish is prized on Alaskan recreational charters for its size and clean meat.  As a beer, the YellowEye is clean and big with tropical hop notes from apricot to mango to passionfruit to peach.  Yum!

McNeil River Brown

SRM 39

IBU 38

ABV 6.2%

Fifty years ago, McNeil River State Game Sanctuary on the Alaska Peninsula was established to protect the world’s largest congregation of brown bears gathering to feed on spawning Pacific salmon during the summer months.  This brown ale is a full-bodied, ruby-brown beer with notes of pine and lemon -- a BIG beer to celebrate the Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear!

Revelation IPA


IBU 65

ABV 6.4%

May's 1st Tap is named after the Revelation Mountains, a rugged subrange of the western Alaska Range. Light orange in color with a fine haze, which is all the rage these days on the East Coast. Tropical pineapple and lilac complement the gentle lingering bitterness with just the right balance to make you eager for the bright days of summer.

Hoppily Ever After

SRM 10

IBU 78

ABV 7.7%

Every happy ending has a beer involved, right? Not really, but maybe it should. Hopefully you'll be happy when you try a Hoppily Ever After. This IPA has a light to medium body that gives way to a slightly intense hoppiness. You definitely need to be a hophead to enjoy this one, but enjoy it you will. And they lived hoppily ever after...


SRM 12

IBU 30

ABV 6.9%

This German style lager is an easy drinker with plenty of flavor. Fermented cold and lagered for weeks, it has a slightly sweet maltiness that gives way to a nice hop flavor. Our maibock is the perfect beer for the summer!

Lemon Dank


IBU ~76

ABV 7.7%

Lemon Dank,  given it’s name by hop descriptors.  Lemondrop and Sorachi Ace hops give it it’s lemon character while Apollo and Exp. 07270 hops give it it’s dankness.  All in all this is a nicely flavored big IPA with enough body for a decent balance.

Double Railway

SRM 17

IBU ~70

ABV 7.9%

Legend has it that in the days of yore, there was a place the locals called Railway. Many great things were done at this Railway. Few records remain, however through some forsight and clairvoyance, I have managed to conjure up the beer known as Raiway IPA and beefed it up a bit. A balanced IPA with a rich piney hop character.

Moonflower ESB

SRM 11

IBU ~31

ABV 5.3%

A clean full-bodied beer, our ESB is a pale straw color with a spicy aroma and citrusy character. It is hop-forward, but balanced by a mellow, malty body.

Challenger Deep

SRM 17

IBU ~77

ABV 7.3%

At almost 36,000 feet, Challenger Deep is the deepest known spot on Earth. We brewed this big English IPA exclusively with Challenger Hops, one of our favorites! A little spicey, a little piney, a hint of orange marmalade. Rich, satisfying and of course, Deep!


SRM 35

IBU ~32

ABV 8.3%

German for double”, Dopplebock is one of the bigger beers of the bock family.  It’s often described as “a meal in a glass” because of the big body it boasts.  Our Doppelbock has a nice, deep amber color and a wonderful malty sweetness with hints of caramel, honey, and chocolate.  Get in from the cold and let our Doppelbock warm you back up.

Tis the Saison

SRM 99

IBU ~31

ABV 6.1%

Follow us in merry measure while we tell of Yuletide treasure!  Dark, sweet malts for all to pleasure while you sit and sip in leisure.  Drink we joyous all together, heedless of the wind and weather.  Deck your halls in Seward folly, tis’ the Saison to be jolly.

Foulweather IPA


IBU ~66

ABV 8.7%

Foulweather IPA is a bigger, nastier take on our classic Fairweather IPA. Packed with six different varieties of hops, its malt structure is balanced with flavors ranging from piney to citric to tropical. This one attenuated more than usual so is well above the 8% threshold.  

Pearl Street Lager

SRM 45

IBU ~26

ABV 5.1%

Pearl Street, the Mecca of rice.  We decided to make some beer with it, why not.  The results are a very easy drinking, light bodied lager.  And don’t be fooled by the color because as we already mentioned this is a light beer.

Jagged Little Pils


IBU ~45

ABV 6.1%

Take an old album made around ninety-eight, remove just one letter to seal a beer name’s fate.  It’s a complex hop bill, made of just one strain.  A clean malty ride down new memory lane.  Isn’t it iconic, don’t ya’ think?

Darth Delirium 2017

SRM 113

IBU 40

ABV ~10.1%

Darth is back!  For the uninitiated, Darth Delirium is a BIG Belgian-style Stout brewed with chocolate.  We brew Darth once a year and let it mature for a full 12 months before its release.  In 2001, the first year we brewed it, Darth won a GABF Gold medal and a World Beer Cup bronze. Since then, Darth took another GABF Gold in 2008 and a Bronze in 2014.  Darth is not just a beer; it’s an experience.

Triple Divide

SRM 12

IBU 20

ABV ~8.9%

In Belgium, Tripels are as ubiquitous as IPAs are in the US.  Nearly every brewery makes one and every bar serves one.  Tripel Divide, named after a unique peak in Montana, is an elegant beer for a more civilized age.  A combination of lemongrass and Mandarina Bavaria hops give a pleasant lemon, lime, tangerine quenching quality that is perfect after a long day of peak-bagging.  Recommended for white wine drinkers on which side of the peak it falls.

Midton Abbey

SRM 30

IBU 21

ABV ~7.1%

This malt-forward Belgian Dubbel features the unique Vanguard hop and its cousin, the German Herbrucker.  Together they lay a delicate aroma of Orange and Tobacco.  Why go Downton?

Red 5

SRM 26

IBU 25

ABV ~5.6%

Can't shake the winter? We're going into spring full throttle with this malt-forward Red Ale. Ruby red blasts fill your glass as you're transported to another galaxy with this special offering. Ready for another? Red Five, standing by…    

Mr. Blonde


IBU 23

ABV 6.0%

Spring is in the air! Well sort of I guess. Needless to say, we're brewing like it is. Mr. Blonde offers an easy drinking refreshing sip that finishes with a slight but pleasant fruity hoppiness. Mr. Blonde is well balanced and delicious! Are you gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you gonna bite?

Supermoon Wit


IBU 19

ABV ~ 6.4%

On November 14th, the moon will be closer to Earth that it has been since 1948 or will be until 2034. We brewed a witbier to mark the occasion. This beer is crisp and refreshing. The tropical Motueka hops balance the fruity phenolics from the Belgian yeast while juniper berries give a hint of gin flavor to its finish.

Got Stout?

SRM 96

IBU 26

ABV ~ 5.9%

8 varieties of malts, 3 varieties of hops and milk make up this smooth and delightfully drinkable stout.

The Trouble with Tripels


IBU 27

ABV ~9.4%

With a clever name you can clearly see, multiplication by a factor of three. Orange peel, coriander and grains galore! A final kiss of Belgian yeast will have you back for four!

Williwaw Winter Warmer

SRM 41

IBU 37

ABV ~6.7%

A staff favorite returns! This rich and complex Winter Warmer combines the deep tones of Crystal and Munich malts with a hint of chocolate, then amply hopped with Centennial and Williamette for a clean, balanced finish.

Smokin’ Willie Porter

SRM 28

IBU ~ 19

ABV 6.0%

We started with our Prince William Porter, cold smoked grain over pecan and cherry wood, and added a dash of Victory malt for toastiness. The result: our award winning smoked Porter.

Wild Country Raspberry Wheat


IBU ~11

ABV 5.3%

Wild Country Raspberry is a hazy wheat beer with coppery red tones and a white head. Its aroma is predominantly fruity red raspberry. Raspberry is the predominant flavor too, but the mild sweetness of the berries is balanced with the tartness of wheat malt. A subtle hop spiciness underlies these flavors and adds interest. Surprisingly complex for a fruit beer, Wild Country is easy drinking and refreshing.

Chugach Session


IBU ~13

ABV 4.8%

Chugach Session is a Cream Ale; brewed cool like a lager, but with an ale yeast. Think of it as an American Kolsch; rich, balanced and easy drinking.

Prince William Porter

SRM 54

IBU ~25

ABV 5.5%

Prince William Porter is a roasty, medium bodied, highly drinkable American Brown Porter. In the glass it is rich brown in color with ruby red highlights and a light brown head. Its aroma exhibits a malty blend of caramel and chocolate with hints of smoke and spice. Its body features a restrained maltiness supported by a subtle hop bitterness that finishes clean and refreshing. Despite its dark color this beer is very drinkable and food friendly.

Polar Pale Ale


IBU ~19

ABV 5.6%

Polar Pale is honey-golden in color and capped with a persistent white head. Its aroma whispers softly of hops...in tones of apricot, citrus and spice. Dry and balanced in body, lots of late addition hops keep the bitterness down but the hop aroma and flavor high. It finishes clean and dry with the lingering interplay of mild malt body and citrusy dry hops.

Pipeline Stout

SRM 74

IBU ~30

ABV 6.3%

Pipeline Stout is a full bodied, inky black American Stout. Its rich aroma showcases roasted and chocolate malts and is accentuated with a hint of citrusy, spicy hops. Its flavor features a luxurious maltiness with roast highlights that fades to a hop balanced, chocolate fullness.

Northern Lights Amber

SRM 14

IBU ~17

ABV 5.4%

Northern Lights Amber is a brilliant copper colored ale with a slightly off white head. Its aroma is redolent of citrusy hops with caramel and toasty notes appearing as the beer warms. Caramel features prominently in its flavor, while the body is round and moderately dry. The hops play a supporting role in the flavor while keeping the caramel richness in check and providing a clean finish.



IBU ~16

ABV 5.2%

Refreshing and approachable, brewed with wheat yeast and unfiltered, this classic Hefeweisen style yields a pale yellow color a cloudy hue. Its aroma and flavor are an intriguing blend of yeast notes, wheat tartness and citric hoppiness. Try it alone, or pair it perfectly with a slice of lemon or orange.

Hard Apple Ale



ABV 4.8%

Our Hard Apple Ale is a faintly red-tinged yellow in color with a decidedly cloudy hue. It has a mellow apple aroma with a spicy complexity contributed by a blend of apples. In the flavor the apples take the lead; their sweetness balanced with a refreshing tartness. Apple sweetness lingers pleasantly in the finish.

Fairweather IPA


IBU ~64

ABV 6.4%

Fairweather IPA is our signature brew: big, balanced and assertively hopped. Light golden amber in color it has a slight hop haze that disappears as the beer warms. Its aroma is predominantly piny hops with subtle malt underpinnings. It is surprisingly full bodied to balance the citrusy flavor, spicy finish and pleasantly lingering bitterness that result from its extravagant hop schedule.

Bear Tooth Ale

SRM 22

IBU ~35

ABV 6.6%

Bear Tooth Ale is an American Brown ale. It is light brown in color with a tan head and slight dry hop haze. More assertively hopped than many browns, its aroma is clean and citrusy with subtle malty sweetness. Its flavor is predominantly hop forward. At the start citrusy hop flavors blend with a dry, malty fullness. Malt flavors dominate the middle while a pleasant hop tingle lingers in the finish.