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Pribilof Pounder


IBU 13

ABV 4.3%

Pribilof Pounder has been brewed to commemorate the sesquicentennial anniversary (150 years) of Alaska's first baseball team, on St. Paul Island, the largest of the Pribilofs. Crisp, clean and refreshing. Peanuts, CrackerJax, and a light lager. Take ME out to the ballgame!

Hop Gun


IBU 55

ABV 7%

Hop Gun is a pleasant, medium bodied IPA that offers clean bitterness and finishes with a nice dose of fruity and slight floral hop notes. It’s very well balanced and goes down easy. Maverick and Iceman approved

Juice Almighty


IBU 42

ABV 5.7%

There once was a beer named pale ale. It had fun hops but not to IPA scale. Now it has divisions and recent revisions to highlight every important detail. The Almighty is not super bitter but has juicy hop smell emitter and a citrus punch hitter that will certainly bring wind to your sail!

Amber’s Oakenshield

SRM 20

IBU 30

ABV 5.9%

We took a break from the hops on this to offer you a malty yet surprisingly smooth Amber ale.  There’s pleasant caramel and roasted notes with hints of toasted oak that all mesh perfectly together. Don‘t use this as a shield, just drink it!

Baron Von Stout

SRM 39

IBU 33

ABV 6.0%

When the sun is lower in the sky and the end of the Season is nigh, you'll need a nice light stout a little bit sweet a little bit dry. Roasty, toasty and all the dark malt flavors to electrify, exemplify and certify Stout cravers. The Baron! To order we'll be happy to comply; but remember it could be gone in the blink of an eye, for we only have a limited supply!

Livin’ La Vida Lager


IBU 14

ABV 3.4%

Calling all light beer drinkers, we've got something for you! Coming in at under 4% this lager makes for an excellent session beer and will leave plenty of room in your stomach for pizza! As light as this is we did not sacrifice flavor and quality. Clean, crisp, and refreshing.....live it up!

Hip Hop


IBU 52

ABV 7.8%

This may be a bigger IPA but it drinks much easier than that. A light to medium body gives way to a wonderful and pleasant bouquet of fruitiness both in flavor and aroma. This one is a real treat!

Mr. Blue


IBU 20

ABV 5.2%

Mr. Blue is a Hefeweizen that we blended a healthy amount of blueberry into it. The blueberry does not overpower but just really accents the natural fruitiness of the hops and yeast. Very refreshing and enjoyable!

Tripel Crown


IBU 32

ABV 8.1%

A pleasant Belgian Tripel that has ginger and lemon peel added to it which plays nicely with the natural fruitiness and clove character of the Belgian yeast. Race on over for a glass!

Shakedown Wheat


IBU 21

ABV 5%

The call of the wheat is not one easy to ignore, just come on down and we'll give you a pour!

Area 52


IBU 52

ABV 4.7%

No aliens were involved in the making of this beer! Well, at least not that we’ll admit to! Area 52 is a pleasant and very drinkable light IPA. It offers what you would expect in an IPA but just on a smaller scale. A light body gives way to delicious fruity hop notes making this a very nice pint.



IBU 65

ABV 7.3%

Hopbility gets its inspiration from the noble hops of England. With all the fruity hop styles these days, we used some more traditional hop varieties in this one. Sweet floral with wood-like aromas and flavors are some of the characteristics you may pick up in this one and it’s balanced well with a medium body.


SRM 21

IBU 18

ABV 6.8%

Primary sour? A primary sour is a beer fermented with a yeast that produces lactic acid (sour) in addition to ethanol (alcohol). You might say it’s an Unconventional brewers’ yeast. Unconventional is a new take on the long-standing Oud Bruin style from the Flanders region of Belgium. Sour with a malty backbone and an oaky finish.

Pono Porter

SRM 22

IBU 22

ABV 5.5%

Back by popular demand! Pono Porter begins with the rich, toasty aroma of coconut. Its body is moderate, rich, and refreshing.Coconut is dominant in the beer’s flavor with undertones of roasted and chocolate malts. The hops are subtle and supportive, balancing the malts and lending a spicy note to the finish.

Darth Delirium 2018

SRM 30

IBU 53

ABV 11.2%

Darth is back!  For the uninitiated, Darth Delirium is a BIG Belgian-style Stout brewed with chocolate.  We brew Darth once a year and let it mature for a full 12 months before its release.  In 2001, the first year we brewed it, Darth won a GABF Gold medal and a World Beer Cup bronze. Since then, Darth took another GABF Gold in 2008 and a Bronze in 2014.  Darth is not just a beer; it’s an experience.

Midtown Brown

SRM 35

IBU 17

ABV 6.0%

Like a bear waking from her winter slumber, the old classic Midtown Brown is back for another season. Clean and crisp with a ruby hue. Why go downtown?

Rock Paper Citras


IBU ~45

ABV 6.2%

Crave Summer citrus? Single hop Citra Pale Ale. Best to bet on hops! (Haiku)

YellowEye P.A


IBU 74

ABV 7.9%

Living to an age of sometimes over 120 years old, the YellowEye rockfish is prized on Alaskan recreational charters for its size and clean meat.  As a beer, the YellowEye is clean and big with tropical hop notes from apricot to mango to passionfruit to peach.  Yum!



IBU 31

ABV 6.9%

May is a great time for a nice, crisp, full-bodied lager! Take a breather from all those IPAs we’ve been making and sit down and relax. This German style lager is an easy drinker with plenty of flavor. Fermented cold and lagered for weeks, it has a slightly sweet maltiness that gives way to a nice hop flavor. Summer’s coming. This is the calm before the storm.

Moonflower ESB


IBU ~31

ABV 5.3%

A clean full-bodied beer, our ESB is a pale straw color with a spicy aroma and citrusy character. It is hop-forward, but balanced by a mellow, malty body.

Wild Country Raspberry Wheat


IBU ~11

ABV 5.3%

Wild Country Raspberry is a hazy wheat beer with coppery red tones and a white head. Its aroma is predominantly fruity red raspberry. Raspberry is the predominant flavor too, but the mild sweetness of the berries is balanced with the tartness of wheat malt. A subtle hop spiciness underlies these flavors and adds interest. Surprisingly complex for a fruit beer, Wild Country is easy drinking and refreshing.

Chugach Session


IBU ~13

ABV 4.8%

Chugach Session is a Cream Ale; brewed cool like a lager, but with an ale yeast. Think of it as an American Kolsch; rich, balanced and easy drinking.

Prince William Porter

SRM 23

IBU ~25

ABV 5.5%

Prince William Porter is a roasty, medium bodied, highly drinkable American Brown Porter. In the glass it is rich brown in color with ruby red highlights and a light brown head. Its aroma exhibits a malty blend of caramel and chocolate with hints of smoke and spice. Its body features a restrained maltiness supported by a subtle hop bitterness that finishes clean and refreshing. Despite its dark color this beer is very drinkable and food friendly.

Polar Pale Ale


IBU ~19

ABV 5.6%

Polar Pale is honey-golden in color and capped with a persistent white head. Its aroma whispers softly of hops...in tones of apricot, citrus and spice. Dry and balanced in body, lots of late addition hops keep the bitterness down but the hop aroma and flavor high. It finishes clean and dry with the lingering interplay of mild malt body and citrusy dry hops.

Pipeline Stout

SRM 28

IBU ~30

ABV 6.3%

Pipeline Stout is a full bodied, inky black American Stout. Its rich aroma showcases roasted and chocolate malts and is accentuated with a hint of citrusy, spicy hops. Its flavor features a luxurious maltiness with roast highlights that fades to a hop balanced, chocolate fullness.

Northern Lights Amber


IBU ~17

ABV 5.4%

Northern Lights Amber is a brilliant copper colored ale with a slightly off white head. Its aroma is redolent of citrusy hops with caramel and toasty notes appearing as the beer warms. Caramel features prominently in its flavor, while the body is round and moderately dry. The hops play a supporting role in the flavor while keeping the caramel richness in check and providing a clean finish.



IBU ~16

ABV 5.2%

Refreshing and approachable, brewed with wheat yeast and unfiltered, this classic Hefeweisen style yields a pale yellow color a cloudy hue. Its aroma and flavor are an intriguing blend of yeast notes, wheat tartness and citric hoppiness. Try it alone, or pair it perfectly with a slice of lemon or orange.

Hard Apple Ale



ABV 4.8%

Our Hard Apple Ale is a faintly red-tinged yellow in color with a decidedly cloudy hue. It has a mellow apple aroma with a spicy complexity contributed by a blend of apples. In the flavor the apples take the lead; their sweetness balanced with a refreshing tartness. Apple sweetness lingers pleasantly in the finish.

Fairweather IPA


IBU ~64

ABV 6.4%

Fairweather IPA is our signature brew: big, balanced and assertively hopped. Light golden amber in color it has a slight hop haze that disappears as the beer warms. Its aroma is predominantly piny hops with subtle malt underpinnings. It is surprisingly full bodied to balance the citrusy flavor, spicy finish and pleasantly lingering bitterness that result from its extravagant hop schedule.

Bear Tooth Ale

SRM 11

IBU ~35

ABV 6.6%

Bear Tooth Ale is an American Brown ale. It is light brown in color with a tan head and slight dry hop haze. More assertively hopped than many browns, its aroma is clean and citrusy with subtle malty sweetness. Its flavor is predominantly hop forward. At the start citrusy hop flavors blend with a dry, malty fullness. Malt flavors dominate the middle while a pleasant hop tingle lingers in the finish.