Jack Straw Rye

An old favorite returns! This year’s version of JSR is a bit drier than its predecessors. The rye malt gives a mild spiciness that is complimented well by the citrus notes from the Amarillo hops.

The Trip

This beer began its life as an already delicious Belgian Tripel, complete with all the expected clove and spicy flavors. Back in January, we moved it into a handful of tequila barrels to age for as long as it took. … Read More


Spring has sprung, fall has fell, nonstop aroma for those who can still smell. Crisp and light, with plenty of malty might, this is a surefire spring delight.

Darth Delirium 2022

For the uninitiated, Darth is a big Belgian-style stout brewed with chocolate. We brew him once a year and mature him for a full year before his release. In 2001, the very first time we brewed him, Darth won a … Read More

Barleywine 2022

Most barleywines are big and heavy, with deep flavors derived from long boils and heavy usage of specialty grains. We skipped all of that nonsense this year and did a big 180. This one is more like the Sauv Blanc … Read More

Moon Juice

Have you been holding since January waiting for your rocket to the Moon? We have crafted the perfect intergalactic elixir for your travels. Classic malts are stronger together with Comet and Galaxy hops to help squeeze every ounce of flavor … Read More

The Deckhand

The Deckhand is a ginger-infused ale and is the first collaboration with Beach Tribe Soda Works.  This festive recipe combines a relatively ordinary malt bill, some Lemondrop hops, and house ale yeast with the extra kick of fresh cold-pressed ginger … Read More

Challenger Deep

At almost 36,000 feet, Challenger Deep is the deepest known spot on Earth. We brewed this big English IPA exclusively with Challenger Hops, one of our favorites! A little spicey, a little piney, a hint of orange marmalade. Rich, satisfying … Read More

Pribilof Pounder

Our best lager honors Alaska’s first baseball team, founded on St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs. Crisp, clean, and refreshing; peanuts, CrackerJax, and a cold Pounder. Take me out to the ballgame!

Area 52

No aliens were involved in the making of this beer! Well, at least not that we’ll admit to! Area 52 is a pleasant and very drinkable light IPA. It offers what you would expect in an IPA but just on … Read More

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